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SmartFootball – another way of information the sport

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SmartFootball – another way of information the sport   At the 21st of February Catalan...

SmartFootball – another way of information the sport


At the 21st of February Catalan Elite football had the pride to carry the first SmartFootball stage 1 to ireland, a huge event that befell on the Dublin soccer indoor facilities. 38 coaches from distinctive golf equipment attended the course from diverse one of a kind schoolboy golf equipment across the u . s .. Mr. Albert Viñas, a UEFA pro License educate and head instruct to the Catalan FA introduced the path along with Marc Miquel (Catalan Elite head teach). The direction turned into an extensive direction, which ran from 9 am – 6 pm. As writen at ujc-madrid, the coaches worked at the idea of SmartFootball within the study room and seen it put into practice with some Catalan Elite Academy gamers at the pitch. on the stop of the route they sat an exam to demonstrate their information of the technique. all the coaches got a detailed insight into the SF methodology and feature an expertise of the way to implement this system with their players.


(Albert Viñas with some of the Catalan Elite coaches speakme with the younger players during the consultation. at the back of, all of the coaches analysing the consultation).

SmartFootball specializes in developing the selection making technique in the mind during schooling classes. gamers must make decisions primarily based on a number of different factors. a few questions a player would possibly face in a game can be: where are the defenders? where is the gap? in which are my teammates? Are my teammates in true space? The questions can cross on and on. In SF we take a look at the converting surroundings and apprehend the different selections a player has to stand each 2d of the game. In SF the selection making method is labored within actual game conditions in attack, defence and transitions.

Education in this way gives the gamers the first-class chance to expand each technically and tactically in real recreation situations. SmartFootball has been designed to educate inside the identical manner that the game is performed on a match day, working on the important thing areas of the game. The methodology offers gamers an expertise of all of the conditions/problems that a player may want to locate in a real game scenario and how he can best remedy those troubles and make the first-rate decision.

In all clubs gamers practice in the course of the week and the exam is at the weekend in their match. My query now could be… why will we train in a manner, which handiest focuses on simple technical abilties? Which aren’t applicable to the take a look at on the weekend. Are we now not forgetting the whole game if we educate in this manner? Are we giving our players the best hazard to improve on suit day?

as an example, under are two distinct education periods, which show how we are able to design a consultation that works at the same topic, but paintings on the topic in very extraordinary approaches.

-Case A) Passing characteristics:

gamers in the front of each other making simple passes.

The context isn’t always actual (defenders, numbers of gamers, no motion, no defenders).

-Case B) Passing characteristics: SmartFootball methodology

5 attacking players play internal a square towards two defenders. As you may see, the context is completely associated with the sport: 5 attackers in blue display a group form this is similar to a healthy (centre returned/right lower back/left again with a midfielder and striker). the 2 gamers in yellow are defenders and can be related back to the sport as two strikers seeking to prevent the opposition playing out from the lower back.

The tactical idea for the attackers is to hyperlink with the midfielder and striker to complete inside the aim (every participant should make passing channels and provide passing solutions, with an cognizance of the changing surroundings). The tactical concept for the defenders is to dam passing channels and try and win the ball returned.

This recreation can genuinely be adapted for exclusive stages of gamers, as an example, take out a defender or add a defender, make the space bigger or smaller.

Passing features is the key objective of both periods. The difference is that within the 2nd session (SmartFootball technique) the sport and actions are associated with the moves and a state of affairs inside a actual game. As writen in ujc-madrid, In case B the instance is gambling out from the returned for the attacking group and defending from the the front for the competition crew.