January 23, 2021

Opinion: Alan Shearer is spot on – Newcastle United need hope

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Opinion: Alan Shearer is spot on – Newcastle United Needs Hope – originally published on...

Opinion: Alan Shearer is spot on – Newcastle United Needs Hope – originally published on Sportslens.com

Newcastle United's dismal loss to Sheffield United earlier this week resulted in eight wins in competitions.

The result made her 15th in the Premier League and looking nervously over her shoulders. With the club also eliminated from both cup competitions, their fans have many reasons to feel unhappy.

Magpie legend Alan Shearer perfectly summed up the mood of the fan base today with a passionate article on the The Athletic website

"Newcastle supporters want hope," wrote Shearer. “They want a little bit back from their club instead of this hollow, flat, lifeless, soulless shell.

“That hope has disappeared and was torn out of them by property that has different thoughts and ideas and different ambitions, if you can call it that.

“You need something to believe in, to buy something, a big plan, a dream, a concept. You want it to represent you.

"Newcastle doesn't do that and it has probably lost them a generation of fans, people who have thought about it for the past decade or more, 'I've had enough of this. I don't enjoy it anymore. "

" We all know such men and women. In a club known for its loud and passionate support, 10,000 partial season tickets were given out last season.

“I tell myself not to do it – it's not worth looking back – but it's hard not to contrast the (relatively) recent past when a horde demanded entry. “

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Shearer makes no secret of his affinity with Newcastle, and his passion for the club is reflected in his article

He rightly dispels the myth that their fans are Have megalomania, and points out that they currently have no real relationship with the club.

They have been sold short repeatedly by owner Mike Ashley and there seems to be no end in sight of their misery.

Manager Steve Bruce walked in while accepting the job at St. James' Park, and many fans felt a sense of betrayal when he accepted Ashley's offer.

Things have quickly resolved this season with Bruce & # 39; s negative tactics The general lack of ambition around the club.

"It's a club that creaks that exists and very little else," added Shearer. “Hope is needed again. It takes love. "

He's absolutely spot on.

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