December 2, 2021

Oklahoma State Sets Record with All-Sports Bedlam Series Victory

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The Cowboys and Cowgirls set a margin of victory record in the 2020-21 all-sport Bedlam Series.

Oklahoma State beat Oklahoma 23-12 in this past school year’s series, toppling the margin of victory OSU set in 2017-18 when the Cowgirls and Cowboys won 18-10. It’s the seventh time OSU has won the series in the past eight school years.

The score is determined by wins and losses in head-to-head competition between the two schools. In sports where there isn’t a head-to-head matchup, the Big 12 Championship’s final standings are used.

Here is a look at the 2020-21 head-to-head matchups.

Date Sport Winner
Nov. 12 Soccer Oklahoma State
Nov. 27 Football Oklahoma
Dec. 15 Women’s Basketball Oklahoma State
Feb. 6 Women’s Basketball Oklahoma State
Feb. 7 Wrestling Oklahoma State
Feb. 21 Wrestling Oklahoma State
Feb. 27 Men’s Basketball Oklahoma State
March 1 Men’s Basketball Oklahoma State
March 12 Men’s Tennis Oklahoma State
March 12 Women’s Basketball Oklahoma State
March 27 Soccer Oklahoma State
March 30 Baseball Oklahoma State
April 2 Women’s Tennis Oklahoma
April 18 Men’s Tennis Oklahoma State
April 23 Women’s Tennis Oklahoma
April 30 Baseball Oklahoma
May 1 Baseball Oklahoma
May 2 Baseball Oklahoma State
May 7 Softball Oklahoma State
May 8 Softball Oklahoma
May 9 Softball Oklahoma
May 11 Baseball Oklahoma State
May 15 Softball Oklahoma
May 26 Baseball Oklahoma State

OSU started the school year hot, winning 12 of the first 14 head-to-head matchups with the Sooners. That included a stretch where OSU went 10-0 in head-to-head competition between Dec. 15 and March 30.

OSU’s soccer, men’s tennis, men’s basketball and women’s basketball teams all swept OU in head-to-head competition, combining to go 11-0. OU’s only sweepers were football (1-0) and women’s tennis (2-0).

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