January 21, 2021

NFL Games Today TV Schedule: How and where to watch in Week 5

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The NFL Games Today TV Schedule in Week 5 has an intriguing mix of divisional...

The NFL Games Today TV Schedule in Week 5 has an intriguing mix of divisional matchups, the battle of Pennsylvania, and scintillating out-of-conference games. All of this in the midst of the highest-scoring beginning to the regular season in NFL history. Of course, the lurking potential for extenuating circumstances to derail parts of the NFL season can’t be ignored. Let’s appreciate football today while we have it, and without further ado, here is your TV schedule for NFL games in Week 5.

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NFL Week 5 Power Rankings

PFN’s Senior NFL Analyst Matt Williamson (Former NFL Scout and ESPN Analyst) released his NFL Week 5 Power Rankings following the games on Monday Night Football in Week 4. Be sure to check it out and see where your favorite team lands in his power rankings.

NFL Games Today TV Schedule: How and where to watch in Week 5

Below is a list of NFL games and their TV schedule in Week 5. You can see how and where to watch, but please remember to check your local listings for confirmation. For regional maps, you can click here. Be sure to also check out our full 2020 NFL Schedule, which can be sorted by division, team, week, time, and more. You can also find additional information regarding how and where to watch Thursday Night Football.

Week 5 Thursday Night Football

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-1) at Chicago Bears (3-1) – 8:20 PM | NFL Network, FOX, Amazon Prime

Looking for the NFL game today on Thursday? This Thursday Night Football Game tonight between the Buccaneers and Bears will kick off at 8:20 PM ET and broadcast on NFL Network, FOX, and Amazon Prime.

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Bucs fans got the Tom Brady treatment witnessing a 17 point comeback punctuated in the 4th quarter. With a wide receiver room battling injuries and tight end OJ Howard on injured reserve, will there be the skill position talent to hit 4-1? After receiving their first loss with Nick Foles at the helm, will head coach Matt Nagy consider switching back to Mitchell Trubisky if things don’t go well on Thursday?

NFL Games Today: Week 5 Early Games – 1 PM ET Kickoff

Las Vegas Raiders (2-2) at Kansas City Chiefs (4-0) – 1 PM ET | CBS

The game will be at 1 PM ET and broadcast on CBS. Patrick Mahomes is up over 1,000 yards passing with 12 TDs and 0 interceptions.

In what looks like a heated race for MVP between himself, Russell Wilson, Josh Allen, and Aaron Rodgers, Mahomes will try and continue his winning ways against a Raiders defense that is in the bottom half of the league against both the run and pass. The Chiefs may be the odds-on favorite to carry the torch for the AFC West, but they will be meeting their most formidable foe in the division in the Raiders.

Can Josh Jacobs, Darren Waller, and Derek Carr put up enough of a fight on offense to upset the defending Super Bowl champs?

Philadelphia Eagles (1-2-1) at Pittsburgh Steelers (3-0) – 1 PM ET | FOX

This NFL game today between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh will kick off at 1 PM ET and broadcast on FOX. In his most recent NFL Two Round Mock Draft, Dalton Miller adds JaMarr Chase to the Eagles, who he notes, “seem to be one of the more snake-bitten teams in the league in terms of injury.” Carson Wentz is throwing to Zach Ertz and not much more.

The Steelers are coming off an impromptu bye week and have their sights set on establishing the defensive backfield they envisioned when they traded for Minkah Fitzpatrick in 2019.

Los Angeles Rams (3-1) at Washington Football Team (1-3) – 1 PM ET | FOX

The game will be at 1 PM ET and broadcast on FOX. Washington Head Coach Ron Rivera has made it official, benching Dwayne Haskins just four games into coaching him. Has Washington truly set its sights on the future? The Rams almost quietly have the number seven rushing offense in the NFL, which they will employ to keep the pressure off of Jared Goff. But we all know the most important question: How will Kyle Allen impact your fantasy players on Washington Football Team?

Carolina Panthers (2-2) at Atlanta Falcons (0-4) – 1 PM ET | FOX

The game will be at 1 PM ET and broadcast on FOX. Teddy Bridgewater and Robby Anderson had impressive days last week, and they face a Falcons team that hasn’t seen an impressive day marred by a loss or questionable play on the way to a loss. Calvin Ridley has been a bright sign for the future, while Julio Jones does what he can to help the team through his injury. Dan Quinn is coaching for his job, and a loss this week could have him joining Bill O’Brien before long.

Arizona Cardinals (2-2) at New York Jets (0-4) – 1 PM ET | FOX

The game will be at 1 PM ET and broadcast on FOX. Kyler Murray and company trek into MetLife Stadium to take on the New York Jets. The Cardinals look to make ground in an ultra-competitive NFC West while the outcome will help the Jets know if they are entering the #1 overall pick territory or not.

The Jets will be without the services of quarterback Sam Darnold. Adam Gase remains in Gotham, for now. Still, with Joe Flacco at QB and a defense that could not stop a third-string quarterback, Woody Johnson, and the Jets’ front office can begin looking forward to the offseason, where the Jets win where it matters most: the back page.

Cincinnati Bengals (1-2-1) at Baltimore Ravens (3-1) – 1 PM ET | CBS

The game will be at 1 PM ET and broadcast on CBS. The Bengals will test their mettle in this divisional showdown with the Ravens, and it’ll be Burrow’s second contest in the AFC North, finishing just shy against the Cleveland Browns 30-35 in Week 2. The Ravens look to reassert their AFC dominance after a faltering against the Chiefs in Week 3, though they did respond a bit with a win by two touchdowns against Washington last week.

Jacksonville Jaguars (1-3) at Houston Texans (0-4) – 1 PM ET | CBS

The game will be at 1 PM ET and broadcast on CBS. Bill O’Brien was the first coach (and GM) asked to pack up his knives and leave the kitchen. Legend says only the purest of heart football fans are capable of watching this game from start to finish. Still, the Jaguars offensive line has been fun to watch, and while he’s not wrecking games like he used to, we won’t have JJ Watt on a football field forever.

With games against Tennessee and Green Bay after this, the Texans have their best shot at getting a win here before their bye week.

NFL Games Today: Week 5 Late Games – 4:05 and 4:25 PM ET

Miami Dolphins (1-3) at San Francisco 49ers (2-2) – 4:05 PM ET | FOX

The first NFL game in the late afternoon slot will kick off at 4:05 PM ET and broadcast on FOX. There is a rumble from Miami fans about the possibility of Tua time approaching, but Head Coach Brian Flores holds firm that the rookie is not ready yet. The 49ers will be happy to get Jimmy Garoppolo back and see what the passing attack looks like now that they are beginning to get healthy on that side of the ball. The 49ers defensive front seven will be a good test for a Dolphins offensive line that is vastly improved over last year.

New York Giants (0-4) at Dallas Cowboys (1-3) – 4:25 PM ET | CBS

The game will be at 4:25 PM ET and broadcast on CBS – a rare 100% NFC matchup hosted on CBS in this window. You’d think that the loser of this game would be in the NFC East cellar, but the division leader is sub-.500 — both teams have warts, but both have the luxury of a larger buffer to sift through them than teams in other divisions. Can Daniel Jones salvage his sophomore campaign? Can Dak Prescott put the team on his shoulders?

Indianapolis Colts (3-1) at Cleveland Browns (3-1)  – 4:25 PM ET | CBS

This game will be at 4:25 PM ET and broadcast on CBS. The Colts defense has been possibly the most impressive unit in the NFL. They’ll set their sights on a Browns offense that will try to figure out how to operate without Nick Chubb. Will Kareem Hunt take over in a similar fashion, or will Baker Mayfield and the passing game look to define the Browns under Kevin Stefanski?

Week 5 Sunday Night Football 

Minnesota Vikings (1-3) at Seattle Seahawks (4-0) – 8:20 PM ET | NBC

The Sunday Night Football game between the Vikings and Seahawks will be at 8:20 PM ET and broadcast on NBC. Russell Wilson is cooking, and after a game against the Dolphins that seemed too close, the offense will be looking to distance themselves from the first whistle.

The Vikings had a brief injury scare from Dalvin Cook. Still, with him, Adam Thielen, and Justin Jefferson, all performing at a high level, it is on Kirk Cousins to avoid being unseated by one of the potential franchise quarterbacks entering the league in 2021.

Week 5 Monday Night Football

Denver Broncos (1-3) at New England Patriots (2-2)  – 5:05 PM ET | CBS

The Patriots’ rescheduling odyssey continues another week, with this game starting at 5:05 PM ET and broadcast on CBS. The Patriots left Arrowhead Stadium this past Monday with a loss and will surely be motivated to get back on track against a Broncos team who will be missing several key players. Broncos head coach Vic Fangio said as of today the starting quarterback situation is 50/50 — will Lock or Brett Rypien get the starting nod on Monday? What will the Patriots roster look like as they deal with their health issues?

Los Angeles Chargers (1-3) at New Orleans Saints (2-2) – 8:15 PM ET | ESPN

The Monday Night Football contest will kick off at 8:15 PM ET and it’ll be broadcast on ESPN. The developing quarterback situation with the Chargers will be one to monitor as they travel east to the Superdome. Justin Herbert nearly came back against Tom Brady in a game that saw him lose his top tailback, Austin Ekeler. Now tasked with replacing his production, the Chargers coaching staff will make the most of the extra day to prepare for the Saints.

The Saints offense has shifted from Drew Brees-centric to a run-oriented attack centered on Alvin Kamara, and though the style of play may be different, they are still familiar with being near the top of the NFC South and look to keep pace. Drew Brees has not quite been his former self, but the Saints have put everything into the Super Bowl or bust basket. The defense will have to come ready to control this outcome.

Week 5 Tuesday Night Football

Buffalo Bills (4-0) at Tennessee Titans (3-0) – 6 PM ET | CBS

The game has been rescheduled for 6 PM ET and will broadcast on CBS. Despite the extenuating circumstances that prompted the game to be moved, the public gets a treat here. There are six undefeated teams in the NFL, and two of them meet in Nashville in what is amounting to the marquee matchup of the week. The Titans had an early, unprompted bye week in Week 4 — does the extra week help with rest or hurt with rust? Two teams with similar offensive philosophies and a premium on grit.

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