September 25, 2022


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‘Impossible is nothing’ for Saudi Arabia inspiration Farah Jefry

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Farah Jefry, adidas ambassador and the first Saudi sportswoman to represent the brand in the...

Farah Jefry, adidas ambassador and the first Saudi sportswoman to represent the brand in the Middle East, paid a visit to her former high school Jeddah International School, to inspire the next generation of youth to see endless possibilities.
The initiative, in collaboration with adidas, was complimented with a Q&A session with the students where she shared her experiences in “challenging the impossible” and building her current success in the athletic arena.
Recently, adidas introduced the evolution of its long-standing brand attitude Impossible Is Nothing. The brand ethos is about rebellious optimism, rooted in the purpose from adidas in the power of sports to change lives. In line with this, Jefry addressed her pursuit of her life-long passion, football, and shared her journey from joining Jeddah Eagles club in 2017 to competing in Saudi Arabia’s first women’s football league, and finishing as the league’s top goal scorer.
Speaking to the students, Jefry stated “adidas’ brand attitude “Impossible Is Nothing” is a message that really resonates with me and something that I aim to keep in mind with every step of my progression as an athlete. It’s a state of mind. Despite all the hardships, if you are passionate enough, you can do anything you want if you have the drive and dedication to strive for your goals.”
As an extension of the campaign, and to continue to inspire students at Jeddah International School to challenge the Impossible, adidas has branded the school’s gym facilities with an inspirational image and quote from Jefry, stating “Where some see one path, I see the possibilities to explore new avenues.”
Yara Hashem, a graduate of Jeddah International School, asked Farah whether she faced any challenges at the start of her career, to which Jefry responded “The beginning was not easy particularly because of people who think football is “a man’s game”.
In addition, there was a lack of special sports facilities and football coaches for women. I trained at home with my father, who played a massive role in my training and development.” Jefry added “Nowadays, however, with global brands like adidas’ continuous efforts in empowering women in the region, and the Kingdom’s 2030 vision to create more opportunities for women, more people are supporting and encouraging females in sports.”
To adidas, Impossible Is Nothing is a way of seeing the world for what it can be, not as it is. It is an attitude shared by its community and its partners.
Commenting on her future ambitions, Jefry said “ I aspire to represent the Saudi national team and work to help my team win more competitions.”

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