January 20, 2021

Free NFL Mock Draft Simulator: Sim-User/Sim-Sim/User-Sim trades, 350+ prospects, and more

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Welcome to Pro Football Network’s 2021 NFL Mock Draft Simulator! In creating this, we envisioned...

Welcome to Pro Football Network’s 2021 NFL Mock Draft Simulator! In creating this, we envisioned a process that allows users to have a nuanced draft experience on both your desktop and mobile device. This NFL Mock Draft Simulator with trades is 100 percent free of charge and the trade features include Sim-User/Sim-Sim/User-Sim.

With over 350 prospects and 2022 NFL draft picks included in trade packages, you’re going to get one of the most realistic draft experiences. Best of all, there is no paywall and no limited trial. It is free now and will always be free. There is no need ever to buy any subscription.

Although the 2021 NFL Draft is months away, it is never too early to start building your favorite team with future draft prospects. Want to do a series of quick drafts for comparing cohorts? You can do that. Want to have a two-hour long, methodical draft and recreate the realism of the NFL Draft? Done. With user-to-sim and sim-to-sim trades, no two drafts are the same!

Our latest rankings update is below. For information on how to use the PFN Mock Draft Simulator with free trades, you can enter the simulator using the link below or scroll down below the rankings update.

PFN’s Mock Draft Simulator Rankings Update

(Updated Sunday, December 13) Each week, the Pro Football Network team of college football and NFL Draft writers come together to discuss who has improved or worsened their individual stock. It was a defensive week for the NFL Mock Draft Simulator discussion. There weren’t a ton of names shuffled around, but there were a few that are high profile. We also felt it necessary to move one offensive name that got lost in the shuffle during last week’s meeting. Who fell down the elevator shaft toward draft mediocrity? Who climbed the draft stock mountain this week?

Latest Update: Risers

Here are the prospects who have risen up our draft board in our latest NFL Mock Draft Simulator rankings update.

Landon Dickerson (87)

It is with great regret that this is done a week late. As AJ Schulte was highlighting names for the defensive side of the ball to toss around in the Google Sheet we all use to get ready for our meetings, he realized with absolute horror that Dickerson was still hidden deep down in the depths of the PFN Mock Draft Simulator’s Big Board. We felt this is someone who deserves top-100 consideration for his play in 2020, and so we didn’t want to wait a week to bring him up.

Dickerson isn’t the most athletic center prospect, but his core and lower body strength were evident as he helped stop Georgia defensive tackle Jordan Davis in his tracks for most of their game. His only real flaws are that if a defender beats him immediately he struggles to recover due to his lack of flexibility and reactive athleticism. However, he’s improved that in his 2020 campaign as well.

Jaelan Phillips (51)

There is a chance Phillips is the best pass rusher in the class. The young man blends length, size, athleticism, and technique well. In the past two weeks, he’s tallied five sacks and eight tackles-for-loss. The offensive tackle he beat up in the Virginia Tech had only allowed nine pressures in the season, and he was intermitted benched at times due to his performance trying to slow down the ferocious efforts of Phillips. One is really forced to squint to find legitimate faults in his game. Oh, and he’s the former top overall recruit in the country.

So, why is he sitting at 51 and not the top 10-15 in our Mock Draft Simulator? Well, his redshirt junior season was his first with any legitimate production. The “why” behind that lack of production is troubling. He sustained an ankle injury that limited him as a freshman. Then, he was hit by a car while riding his scooter and required surgery on his wrist. After his third concussion, the UCLA medical staff reportedly told him he should consider retiring from the game entirely. So, he might be the best sack artist in the class, but the medical red flags will keep him grounded.

Kuony Deng (90)

From a former California kid to a current one, Kuony Deng could be a name that continues to improve his stock as the season wears on and he gets to the combine. He has a long, lean, 6-foot-6 frame that really shows when he’s darting into passing lanes. In 2019 Deng tallied 8 passes defensed in his 13 games. That length also shines in his ability to lasso ball carriers and wrangle them to the ground.

It’ll be interesting to see where he ends up at the NFL level. He’ll most likely end up with the “tweener” tab due to his length and the raw nature of his mental game at inside linebacker. A transition to a 3-4 outside linebacker role might be in his future, but his range and athleticism move him up our Mock Draft Simulator rankings.

Latest Update: Fallers

Here are the prospects who have dropped on our draft board in our latest NFL Mock Draft Simulator rankings update.

Dylan Moses (50)

Moses is a freak athlete that should thrive as a WILL linebacker at the next level. His quick-twitch movement style makes him a difficult target for offensive linemen. Outside of a select few, he isn’t getting outrun either. However, as someone who watches him each week, his tape from 2020 and the knee injury the year prior could worry NFL clubs come April. Playing in the middle of the Alabama defense has not been kind to Moses, who has struggled to get the defense settled pre-snap and keying his assignments post-snap.

A recent campaign on Twitter shows that when things are right with Moses, he is still a monster. However, the game is four quarters and 60+ plays long, and consistency has not been there for the Alabama linebacker. He might not be at 50 forever, but it was important to show how disappointing he’s looked so far.

Quincy Roche (70)

If you find yourself watching Miami play, you’re not focusing on Roche on that defensive line. He provides first-step explosion and good proactive athleticism to stress pass sets. He has a nice little inside counter and threatens the arc well, and his 14 tackles-for-loss is impressive. But he isn’t the physically imposing presence his playing partner Phillips is, and far too often he’s consumed by blockers if he doesn’t immediately capture the edge. He remains a solid prospect but putting him in the draft range of Harold Landry in a solid edge class seemed too rich for our blood.

How to use PFN’s 2021 NFL Mock Draft Simulator

Begin your mock draft experience

Your mock draft experience begins when you select the team – or teams – you want to control. Select as many as you’d like or select none at all. Then, choose the number of rounds you want to simulate along with the speed of how you want the draft to play out.

The NFL Mock Draft Simulator War Room

Once you’ve sorted that out, you’ll enter the NFL Mock Draft Simulator Room. There, you’ll see the player selection column, the pool of available players, and several icons to help you navigate your experience in PFN’s NFL Mock Draft Simulator.

Keep track of who you and other teams have drafted

To see who you and other teams have drafted, click on the team icon to the left of the player selection column. Additionally, you can see the team’s future picks.

New to the 2021 NFL Mock Draft Simulator: Sim to User Trades

New for our 2021 NFL Mock Draft Simulator is the simulator’s ability to propose trades to the user. When you’re on the clock, and a team is eyeing a player that is still on the board, you may receive a trade offer. If there are no offers, the simulator will continue as normal. If you want to close out the trade offers to review the board, you will have the option to do so. Just click on the green trade proposal button to bring up your trade offers.

Back in the 2021 NFL Mock Draft Simulator: Sim to User and User to Sim Trades

The new sim to user trade feature builds on our two trade features from last draft season – user to sim and sim to sim trades. Regarding sim to sim trades, you risk being jumped by another team if you wait too long to select the draft prospect you want to draft.

Trade Value Chart

We use the Rich Hill Model Trade Chart, a modernized version of the original Jimmy Johnson Trade Chart. The chart, hosted by DraftTek.com, can be found here and you can reference it when trying to trade up or down the board.

Please note that not only have we placed a higher premium on the top 10 picks in the draft (meaning it will cost a bit more than what the trade chart suggests). But, we have also configured the algorithm so that if a team you want to trade with is eyeing a certain player in that particular simulation, it will cost more than what the trade chart suggests is a fair price.

This is done to maintain PFN’s 2021 NFL Mock Draft Simulator’s unpredictability, ensuring that you get a different experience each time you press the play button.

Team Needs

2021 team needs have been updated. PFN will continue to monitor the team needs and update as needed throughout the 2020 NFL season.

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