September 25, 2022


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Abdulrahman Sulayman gives his top tips for running during Ramadan

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Abdulrahman Sulayman is a fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur with a strong presence as a fitness...

Abdulrahman Sulayman is a fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur with a strong presence as a fitness coach and athlete in the region.
He is a certified trainer and is passionate about empowering and educating each individual’s fitness journey through his specialized
training programmes and a healthy diet.
Here, the Under Amour athlete, gives five tip for training and nutrition during Ramadan.
1. When is the best time of day to run during Ramadan?
The best time of day to run during Ramadan is ideally before iftar, if it’s an easy low intensity run. However, if it’s a high intensity run, I prefer to break my fast with something light, such as water, coffee or dates and then I will go for an intense run, really pushing myself.
2. What advice on nutrition would you have for someone running during Ramadan?
The best nutritional advice during Ramadan is to eat healthy and light foods to fuel your body in the right way, after you break your fast. In order to maintain a balanced diet, I like to eat a minimum of three to four meals in smaller portions.

3. Should people look for low intensity long duration, or high intensity short duration sessions?
If you’re working out before iftar, it’s better to stick to low intensity and longer duration and make sure you listen to your body’s limitations because you are fasting. After Iftar, you can perform any sort of workout – anything you comfortable in doing, just as long as you are moving and exercising.
4. What are your top tips for recovery?
During the month of Ramadan, the recovery process is extremely important. I make sure I keep myself extremely hydrated after Iftar, alongside eating
nutritious-packed foods and a goodnight’s sleep. My secret weapon is wearing Under Armour’s recovery range of sports, which essentially is mineral-infused fabric that takes the energy you already give off and reflects it back into your muscles, so you feel less fatigued and recover faster – while you sleep! A dream!

5. What are your fitness goals during Ramadan?
I always test myself during Ramadan and set myself new goals, each year to really push myself. The main goal is to surpass my best, overcome any obstacles and push myself, even when my mind may not think I can do anymore.

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