March 8, 2021

& # 039; Sure we can invest more & # 039;: Radrizzani presents Leeds transfer plans

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& # 039; Sure we can invest more: Radrizzani presents Leeds transfer plans – originally...

& # 039; Sure we can invest more: Radrizzani presents Leeds transfer plans – originally published on

After winning the Premier League, Andrea Radrizzani, owner of Leeds United said that the whites will make the necessary reinforcements in the summer .

The owner of Leeds kept his promise. The Whites added two high profile players this summer, including a recording deal for Valencia-based Rodrigo.

Leeds got what they wanted but they are probably looking for more. Radrizzani said in an interview with AP that "they can invest more," but at the same time they are careful with their transfer approach.

Aston Villa spent a lot of time last summer and Dean Smith's side barely escaped relegation. Fulham spent a lot of money and was relegated during the 2018 summer transfer window.

This shows that money does not always guarantee success. Leeds are following the Sheffield United approach and are focused on staying in the Premier League for the years to come.

"Sure we can invest more," Radrizzani told The Associated Press . "But I think we have to be sensitive because money isn't always guaranteed to produce results."

"I hope we can stay in the Premier League for two years," said Radrizzani. “After this first cycle of two years, we will probably be ready to fill the gap with the larger teams. If I look at a period of three or five years, of course my goal is to be just under the top six. "

" You saw Aston Villa invest last season … and not relegated in the last game, "Radrizzani said." So good for them, but they were very close. On the other hand, Sheffield invested United less and became (ninth). So football is not just about money, but also about the project … and the style of play, the team spirit of the players, the motivation and the mental attitude towards the game. ”

Marcelo Bielsa is a integral part of the decision. Along with Football Director Victor Orta, General Manager Angus Kinnear and Radrizzani.

It appears that Leeds is ready to get at least one or two more signatures before the end of the transfer window. They were with players like Rodrigo De Paul and Julian Draxler, suggesting that Leeds is ready to make big investments if they think the player is making a big impact aben can.

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