January 24, 2021

Peter Crouch says Leeds badly missed something that it took away

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Peter Crouch says Leeds is missing something that would have taken them – originally published...

Peter Crouch says Leeds is missing something that would have taken them – originally published on Sportslens.com

Leeds United announced their return to the English Premier League with a heady result against Liverpool in Anfield on Saturday.

Marcelo Bielsa's team suffered a 4-3 defeat. Mohamed Salah split the two after the guests equalized three times.

Liverpool also opened the gate from the spot and Leeds would have imagined their chances of winning had it not been for the two free kicks.

You will receive your newly promoted colleague Fulham on Elland Road on Saturday, and the fans would have liked to have been available for their first home game since 2004.

It remains to be seen whether they will be allowed back to the stadiums this season, but former Stoke City striker Peter Crouch believes Leeds are the Premier League side that will miss having fans the most .

“Definitely Leeds. I've played on Elland Road a couple of times and I mean that in the most respectful sense, it was horrible. “ Crouch wrote in his Sportsmail column when asked which club will most miss having fans at the stadium.

“The fans are making it an ordeal for fans and I can remember the excitement for Marcelo Bielsa's first game against Stoke two years ago.

“In the Premier League the intensity would have been even greater and would have given them such a boost. It's hard to say what your fans would be worth, but I can assure you that a full Elland Road would make a positive difference. “

Elland Road was a haunted spot for visiting teams last season and that would have been fans again this season to cheer the players on.

With the club's final return to the Premier League, the tickets for each of the 19 home games would have been sold out within minutes had it not been for the coronavirus pandemic.

Leeds players can't wait for fans to return, and even a few of them would do their morale a favor.

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