January 24, 2021

Mountain Hardwear The Viv Bib Pants | Review

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Sporting new Gore-Tex, the Viv Pants are designed for technical ascents and descents Why we...

Sporting new Gore-Tex, the Viv Pants are designed for technical ascents and descents

Why we chose the Mountain Hardwear The Viv Bib Pants: Technical, breathable, well thought out  

Weight: 632g
Price: $600

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With every Bonnie, there’s always a Clyde. For every glass of Port, there’s a block of Stilton. The all-new Viv Jacket from Mountain Hardwear, for example, simply has to be paired with these – the Mountain Hardwear Viv Bib Pants (a pair of pants that go very nicely with what could be the most technical ski jacket on the market right now).

Inspired by the king of steep skiing himself, Vivian Bruchez, the Viv jacket and pants combination has been designed to keep you cool, calm, and collected on the steepest faces in the world. We’d love to hear of any features you think these pants might be lacking, as we’re certain they come with every feature you might need while undertaking your next ski mountaineering mission.

Mountain Hardware The Viv Ski Pants


Built using Gore-Tex’s new Most Breathable fabric, the Viv Pants offer a good deal of stretch for when you’re touring, stepping up high on rocky scrambles, or just skiing in general.

As the name implies, Most Breathable is also impressively breathable. It may not be Futurelight levels of breathability, but we’re big fans of the balance between waterproof protection and breathable fabric that Gore-Tex has achieved with this new fabric.

Mountain Hardware The Viv Ski PantsMountain Hardware The Viv Ski PantsMountain Hardware The Viv Ski Pants


Feature-wise, the Viv Pant is packing everything we’ve come to expect from a technical pair of ski touring pants. There’s four large pockets on the front (the thigh pockets can double as a transceiver pocket, if you prefer to keep your beacon down low) and two ‘kangaroo’ chest pockets on the bib section that’ll be perfect for keeping your phone warm during the cooler months (as long as you’ve not got your transceiver close by).

Adjustment tabs sit either side of the waist if you need to dial in that fit a little, and there is the option to fully drop the seat of these bibs, letting you see to nature’s calling without the need to ‘dump’ all your layers off. The drop zip can be accessed via two zips on the upper leg, which also double up as leg ventilation zippers.

Mountain Hardware The Viv Ski Pants

Other than that, that’s your lot for features on the Viv Pant. We’ll round off our main bit of chat by saying these have a loose fit and come in two colourways (Dark Storm or Golden Brown).


Similar to the Viv Jacket, you’re going to know if it’s a worthy investment dropping $725 on a jacket and $600 on a pair of Bib pants (not a price point for the casual, once a year, skiers). 

If you do decide to drop the cash, then you’re in for a treat, as The Viv Bib Pants offer an extremely well thought out feature set while also making use of one of the most advanced waterproof fabric technologies out there.

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