January 24, 2021

Lauren comments on Mesut Ozil's situation in the arsenal

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Lauren commented on Mesut Ozil's situation at Arsenal – originally published on Sportslens.com Lauren gave...

Lauren commented on Mesut Ozil's situation at Arsenal – originally published on Sportslens.com

Lauren gave his opinion on Mesut Ozil who is not currently playing for Arsenal, as in SkySports quoted. com .

Ozil was expelled from the squads of the Gunners' Premier League and Europa League .

Although Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta The London Evening Standard that the attacking midfielder will continue to rain with the first-team squad, the 32-year-old won't play a competitive football game until January.

Former Arsenal star Lauren has given his opinion on this situation, and while disappointed that Ozil is not part of the Gunners' roster, he appears to be supportive of Arteta.

Lauren told Sky Sports : “Ozil is a top player, it's sad not to see a top player on a team like Arsenal. All of us who follow Arsenal want to see the best players, but this situation has not yet arisen. I think it's the same with (Unai) Emery and Arteta.
Arteta would like to have the best players in the squad. If Ozil is not there, it is a consequence of many problems.

"First and foremost, it's the player's fault. I believe if you have the quality, if you are a top player, if you are not involved week in and out of the week I believe that it is your own fault. Obviously you have to the whole club are trying to do their best to make the player happy and be in the squad and be on the team and play every weekend.

“But the fact that he's with Emery and now Arteta isn't It wasn't consistent, it's not the manager. I think it's more the player than the manager or the club. This is what I believe because when you have the quality, when you are a top player and If you are one hundred percent committed to the team, they will play you, they have no other option.

"If you are when you do everything you should be a top player, it is difficult for a manager and a club to say that you won't and won't play will be involved in the team. Of course it hurts (Ozil). It hurts because I want to see the best players on my team. I would love to see the best players playing for Arsenal.

“They are the team I follow, they are the team I love and I would love to see the best players on this roster, but if it's not there it's a consequence of so many problems that came from the past. “

Did Mikel Arteta make a mistake about Mesut Ozil?

Ozil last played for Arsenal and for the Germans in March 2020. The contract with the club in North London expires at the end of the season, but there is a possibility that he will play his last game for the former Premier League Master has denied.

While the German doesn't necessarily fit into the urgent game that Arteta likes to play, there is no doubt about its quality and vision.

The German would have been a good option for Arteta in his squad.

Ozil might not have started any games, but he could have been used as a substitute in times of need.

The fact that the former Real Madrid star is training with the first team shows that he is not a problematic player.

It makes no sense to let an older and experienced player like Ozil train regularly with the first team and not be part of the squad.

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