January 24, 2021

FC Goa 1-2 Chennaiyin FC: Report, ratings, and reaction when Marina Machans passes the Gaurs on a chaotic affair

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FC Goa 1-2 FC Chennaiyin: Report, ratings and reaction, when Marina Machans passed the Gaurs...

FC Goa 1-2 FC Chennaiyin: Report, ratings and reaction, when Marina Machans passed the Gaurs in some chaotic affair – originally published on Sportslens.com

Matchday 7 of the Indian Super League The action continued well into the weekend, and Saturday's clash was big when Goa Goa went up against Chennaiyin FC, who were just one place behind after playing one game less. The Gaurs had won two of their last three games while Chennaiyin had four games without a win.

An exciting clash was supposed to grace the Fatorda, and here's what we made of it:


Goa started well But it was Chennaiyin FC who had a big chance early on when Anirudh Thapa turned right burst and brought the ball to Jakub Sylvestr, who could only hit the goalkeeper from six meters away but did not. From the resulting corners, however, Rafael Crivellaro pulled out the top corner on the far post as the ball sailed over the goalkeeper and the crowd in the penalty area.

Goa reacted in the ninth minute, however, when Alexander Romario put the ball to Jorge Ortiz in the box after a nifty pass, and the Spanish striker smashed it into the top corner.

Three minutes later, Rafael Crivellaro tried his corner trick again, but this time Mohammad Nawaz upset him. The next corner had to be taken from the opposite side and fell to Anirudh Thapa at the edge of the box. The Indian midfielder had pushed his strong half volleyball from the goalkeeper and tried to follow up with his left foot from a similar position, but this time it went far.

Chennaiyin had another very good chance on the 23rd minute when Reagan Singh drove a low cross from the right, but Jakub Sylvestr's shot near the post failed to hit the target.

Three minutes later, Rafael Crivellaro threw a cross straight over the goal, then Fatkhullo Fatkhuloev hit it in the center for Lallianzuala Chhangte, who missed an open goal because his stake was too high.

Chhangte had one in the 43rd minute another great chance when Jerry Lalrinzuala's rescued shot fell on him in a central area, but drove him again with the aim of his grace.

Three minutes into the second half, Lallianzuala Chhangte hit Rafael Crivellaro selflessly but it looked like he had passed the balloon curse and the Chennaiyin captain sent his shot deep into the stands.

Goa had a rare goal sight in the 50th minute When Brandon Fernandes tried to corner you from a distance, Vishal Kaith was up to the exertion. Seriton Fernandes shot a cross from the right shortly thereafter and Jorge Ortiz attacked but missed with his header.

In the 53rd minute, Chennaiyin finally took the lead when Rafael Crivellaro hovered around James Donachie, drilling a low ball over the penalty area for Rahim Ali, who rolled the ball home for a change.

Ali then played through to the left against Lallianzuala Chhangte in the 78th minute, but the Indian international just shot on long post over. At the other end, Lenny let Rodrigues fly off the edge of the box, but only missed the top corner by a few meters.

Goa didn't create a big chance after that, so the match ended 2-1 in favor of Chennaiyin FC.


Key Talking Point

Defeat again

After this disappointing defeat to ATK Mohun Bagan, FC Goa knew that they had to put in a strong performance to get back on their feet immediately.

Your performance in the first half was not ideal for it, as you received early from a direct corner and did not really threaten at the other end. That was until Jorge Ortiz equalized after a short pass and suddenly it was that time again. However, this was Goa's only shot to score the half and they were insanely lucky to go into half with tied results.

The Gaurs didn't start the second half too well either, but were continuously spared Chennaiyin. They had a couple of good half-chances to punish their opponents' waste, but they couldn't do better and eventually admitted again.

They investigated Chennaiyin's defenses late, but they couldn't save anything.

Player ratings

Mohammad Nawaz (5.5), Seriton Fernandes (6), James Donachie (3.5), Aibanbha Dohling (5), Retter Gama (5 , 5), Alberto Noguera (5.5), Edu Bedia (6), Alexander Romario (7), Brandon Fernandes (6), Jorge Ortiz ( 7.5 * ), Igor Angulo (5, 5)

Subs: Lenny Rodrigues (5.5), Tlang (5) redeem, Seiminlen Doungel (N / A)


Main talking point

Missing wrongly with impunity

With just one point from their last three games, Chennaiyin FC knew they would soon have some victories.

Anirudh Thapa's return seemed to have stabilized their midfield and that allowed Rafael Crivellaro (who was also back on the starting line-up) to push further forward. They started very well and took the lead early, but soon equalized. It was all one-way traffic for the rest of the first half, but the away team couldn't take their chances, no matter how easy they were, and Csaba László wondered if his players had a curse.

Lallianzuala Chhangte in particular missed a lot of great opportunities, but Rafael Crivellaro even intervened in the second half. Eventually, however, the Marina Machans' attack intent was rewarded when young Rahim Ali stepped on the ball. Their multiple massive mistakes meant Chennaiyin had to hold on to the final stages, but they managed to get through.

Another day, you wouldn't be too surprised if Chennaiyin's waste were punished, but you have to admit it was a deserved victory considering how good they were when they were in full swing.

Player ratings

Vishal Kaith (7), Reagan Singh (6.5), Eli Sabiá (6), Memo (6.5) Jerry Lalrinzuala (5.5 ), Deepak Tangri (6)), Anirudh Thapa (7), Fatkhullo Fatkhuloev (6.5), Rafael Crivellaro ( 8 * ), Jakub Sylvestr (4.5), Lallianzuala Chhangte (3.5)

Subs: Enes Sipović (6.5), Rahim Ali (7.5), Thoi Singh (5), Dhanpal Ganesh (N / A), Edwin Vanspaul (N / A)

Rafael Crivellaro

Rafael Crivellaro didn't start Chennaiyin's last game, and they clearly missed him when they faded out. He returned tonight and did so in style.

The Brazilian maestro started the game by attempting to score straight from a corner and did so on his second attempt by picking the furthest corner. The Chennaiyin captain lined up his side's attacks for the remainder of the game and had a great chance of scoring in the second half when he drove over a half-empty net. However, he made up for this by brilliantly assisting Rahim Ali's goal after doing some samba-style work against James Donachie in the box.

Vitória de Guimarães' ex-husband finished the game with 3/4 corners on goal, including one (you read that right), 6 flanks, 48 ​​touches and an assist.

A magical representation.

What it means:

FC Goa and Chennaiyin FC both hold positions 7 and 8, but they are now tied and the visiting team has a game in hand. Rafael Crivellaro's goal was the third Olympic goal (direct goal from a corner) in ISL history while helping Chennaiyn's first goal of the season in the second half when Rahim Ali opened his ISL account.

FC Goa will face FC Jamshedpur on Wednesday, while Chennaiyin will face East Bengal on Boxing Day.

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